Social Security Disability Appeal Lawyers in San Diego

San Diego Social Security Disability Appeal Lawyers

After suffering a physical or mental injury or illness, you weren’t able to work. It was hard making ends meet and oftentimes, you struggled to put food on the table. You looked to the Social Security disability program for help and applied for benefits. Shockingly, your request for assistance was denied and now, you’re not sure where to turn for help. As hopeless as your situation may seem, don’t worry – help is just a phone call away.

If you were denied Social Security disability benefits, it’s important you continue medical care and seek the counsel of an experienced Social Security Disability Insurance (DI) attorney at Social Security Disability Attorney Group. They can put your application back on track and make sure you have the medical evidence needed to prove your disability is severe enough.

SSDI Appeal Attorneys in San Diego

The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses a five-step process to decide whether or not to approve a request for benefits. The SSA will first determine if the applicant is working. If an applicant is not working and his or her average earnings meet or fall below the current figures, the SSA will then determine if the applicants medical condition is severe. An applicant’s disability must significantly limit his of her ability to perform basic work movements (e.g. sitting, standing, walking) for a minimum of a year. If a disability is deemed severe, the SSA will reference the current list of qualifying conditions. If an applicant’s disability meets or equals the severity of listed disability, the agency will proceed.

At this point, the SSA will then consider an applicants ability to work. Does the disability prevent the applicant from performing any past work? Can the applicant perform any other job? If the applicant cannot perform any past work or can’t perform any other job, the SSA will decide the applicant is disabled. Please keep in mind; the SSA has different qualifying guidelines for the blind or people with low vision.

SSDI Appeal Lawyer in San Diego

Just because your disability is not on the SSA’s list does not mean you should be denied benefits. The aggressive SSDI appeal attorneys at Social Security Disability Attorney Group can request a hearing to appeal the decision. If your benefits are denied again, they will take your application to the Appeals Council. The dedicated DI lawyers we work with won’t rest until you get financial assistance for a crippling disability. They will leave no stone unturned in their quest for justice.

SSDI Appeal Attorney in San Diego

To schedule a free case review with an ethical disability appeal attorney at Social Security Disability Attorney Group, call 619-737-2157. You only have 60 days to appeal the SSA’s decision to deny your benefits, so act quickly. If you do not act within the time allowed by the agency, you will not be allowed to pursue financial benefits. Don’t risk your one chance to get help for a mental or physical disability. Contact our group today to schedule a free consultation. All cases represented on a no win, no fee basis.