Social Security Disability Overview

Social Security Disability Overview

Individuals suffering from a physical or mental disability, such as a spinal cord injury or an anxiety disorder, may be able to get cash benefits through two Social Security Administration (SSA) programs – the Social Security Disability Insurance (DI) program and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability program. Together, these programs provide more than $90 billion in cash benefits to more than 11.2 billion disabled persons every year in the U.S.

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How do you know if you qualify for Social Security benefits? And, what program do you qualify for? The Social Security Administration uses a five-step process to deem someone “disabled.” When reviewing your claim, the SSA will:

  • Evaluate your current work status (are you working or unable to work?)
  • Evaluate the severity of your injury (does your disability prevent you from performing basic job movements for at least 12 months?)
  • Determine if your condition meets the SSA’s list of impairments
  • Determine if your disability prevents you from performing any past jobs
  • Determine if your disability prevents you from working in any capacity

Don’t go one more day without knowing if you qualify for benefits. Speak to a knowledgeable DI attorney at Social Security Disability Attorney Group right away. They will give you answers and get you on the right legal path.

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What is the difference between the Social Security DI program and the SSI program? The Social Security DI program provides cash payments to qualifying applicants. If you’ve worked, you’ve probably paid Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) taxes. If you’ve paid FICA taxes, you are insured and more than likely eligible to receive Social Security benefits.

The SSI program was designed to assist aged, blind, or disabled individuals who meet income limits and disability requirements. You don’t need to be insured or have a prior work history to qualify for SSI benefits.

If you would like to know what program you qualify for and what you need to do to collect benefits, please consult an experienced SSDI lawyer at Social Security Disability Attorney Group. They can easily determine what program you qualify for and can get your case on track so you can obtain cash payments.

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There is no time to waste when pursuing Social Security benefits. It can take months to process your claim and even then, you may end being denied. Don’t wait to call a skilled SSDI attorney at Social Security Disability Attorney Group. When you call 619-737-2157, we will arrange a time for you to speak one on one with a lawyer in our group. Are you afraid you won’t be able to afford a consultation? The initial consultation won’t cost you a dime and you are not obligated to hire the DI lawyer you speak with. Get your claim on the right path, right now. No win, no fee guaranteed!